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About the Company

EverAsia Financial Group, Inc. was founded in 2005. The Company, and its affiliates, provide corporate managerial consulting to its clients in the areas of regulatory compliance and accounting, organizational and financial structure, financial controls, strategic growth opportunities and bookkeeping, both domestically and abroad. The Company is dedicated to providing corporate managerial and strategic advisory services to corporate clients.

EverAsia Financial Group, Inc., along with its affiliate corporations, make up a multinational corporate managerial consulting firm with a global reach. The US domestic business operations are conducted solely through EverAsia Financial Group, Inc. and international business operations are conducted through the Company's affiliates, Great Ally BVI, Inc. and EverAsia Financial Consultant Co. Ltd (China).

  • EverAsia Financial Group, Inc.

EverAsia Financial Group, Inc. ("EFG") was formed in February 2005. Its serves both as the operating company for our US consulting operations and as the global headquarters and advisory arm for our foreign operations. Through EFG, we provide advisory services to US based companies that wish to position themselves for expansion, both domestically and internationally. Specifically, we help our clients through all the stages of the business lifecycle. EverAsia's experts help its clients select the proper jurisdiction to form their business entities, implement proper policies and procedures, accounting and bookkeeping systems, file management and IT. Additionally, we help companies gather and produce the documentation that they will need if they are preparing themselves to raise funds through commercial bank loans, private equity or VC or go public. EFG and its affiliated companies also provide ongoing consultancy and advisory services to corporate clients post public offering. Additionally, the Company is contracted on a case by case basis to provide these services to foreign clients introduced by the Company's foreign affiliates.

  • Great Ally BVI, Inc.

Great Ally BVI, Inc. (“BVI”) was formed in July 2007 as a holding company for EverAsia's Chinese operations. BVI was formed to provide international clients with managment consulting services as they relate to assisting its clients in implementing policies and procedures, financial and accounting controls, installing and integrating accounting systems and complying with government business regulations across the globe. The Company does not operate within the borders of the United States, and is therefore not subject to the securities, tax or trade laws of the United States.

  • EverAsia Financial Consultant Co., Ltd

EverAsia Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. (“EverAsia”) was formed in late 2007 as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, or WFOE, in the People’s Republic of China. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Ally BVI, Inc. EverAsia was formed in order to offer strategic advice and corporate consulting services directly to companies established in China with regard to corporate organizational and financial structure, creation of documentation to either raise funds from banks or in preparation to go public, or for corporate expansion and/or diversification. It was established In 2007 when Great Ally BVI, Inc. formed the company as a WFOE and acquired the assets of Chengdu Great Ally, a business managerial and financial consulting firm located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Those assets included the office lease, office equipment, leasehold improvements, employees and goodwill. Since 2007, the company has expanded throughout China, and has opened offices in Chengdu, Beijing and Kunming.